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Anmo Massage Therapy


Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial         £38

Diamond Microdermabrasion treatments exfoliate the top layer of your skin, removing unwanted deadcells and debris. Leaving you with a fresh, clean, bright and new complexion. Combing a facial with a microderm-abrasion treatment, resulting invisibly smoother, softer, firmer and more radiantly youthful skin with only a session treatment.

Radio Frequency Face Lift Treatment        £45

Radio Frequency is a non-surgical skin tightening to reverse the effects of ageing. This gives you firmer skin and dramatically reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

Natural Face Lift Massage /

Facial Rejuvenation                                 £30

A gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger by toning face muscles and redefining contours of the face. This treatment does not use any oil, cream or equipment.

Express Facial                          £28

An express facial for maximum results in minimum time.

Anmo Classic Facial                  £38

A tailor-made prescriptive facial to suit your skin’s needs.