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Anmo Massage Therapy


Full Body Relaxing Massage    60mins £45 

                                              90mins £70

The full body relaxation massage soothes away the strains of your busy life to leave you with a sense of health and well being. It encourages the body to release tension and muscle toxins, sooth aches and helps you to enjoy a better nights sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage              60mins £50 

                                              90mins £75

Using deep tissue with sports & remedial massage techniques, this treatment focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles & connective tissue, to encourage circulation to the muscles and help reduce muscular tension, relieves pain and increases flexibility.

Chinese Cupping                                 £50 


Cupping is a TCM therapy. A glass cups are used to apply suction to meridian points on the body. The treatment is predominantly used to disperse stagnation, detox the body in order to promote the circulation of the blood and Qi. Cupping is one of the best deep tissue therapies.

Seated Massage           10mins £10

Seated massage focuses on the back, shoulder, neck, arms, hands and scalp.

This is a clothed, non-oil treatment, is a quick x for people in a hurry.

N.B.S. Massage             30mins £30

Neck, back and shoulder massage is the most popular treatment. It is a deeply

relaxing massage, designed to concentrate on built up stress and muscle tension.